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ebe's journal
So here's what I spent today doing:

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I know this will come as a colossal shock to many of you, but apparently I suck at this 'being broken up with' thing.

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Does anyone know anything about VGA splitter boxes? Say, single input to 3-4 outputs?

I may have need of one some time in the next couple of months. Some tips on what to look out for would be appreciated.

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The Functions Manager at the Fox got back from leave on Wednesday, and I was able to organise to go see their rooms on Friday afternoon.

The Flapper Lounge and The Al Capone Room...Collapse )

She did also mention that they've had 2 other bookings cancel already for that night because of Riverfire. And now that I think about it, a pub in Southbank mightn't be the best idea after all.

Add all of this up, and I'm pretty sure that The Jubilee is going to be the winner. I've asked around, but there's no way I can beat that price, the area is pretty cool (even if it's not completely private), and it has the right space for me to set up the entertainment I want to put on for the night.

I think I may call tomorrow and make a booking.

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Today was my chance to look around the areas at the Jubilee. It did not disappoint...Collapse )

I'm very tempted to just say yes, but now that I've had a response from The Fox I think I should at least take a look there as well. I've explained to the Function Manager at the Jube that I had a couple of other places to look at, and I'll understand if someone else books ahead of me, so we'll see how we go.

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Today I had arranged to check out my first candidate - The Elephant Lounge at The Hotel Orient.

Sadly I arrived after work to be told that the guy I'd organised to meet with wasn't in today, and they only had 1 staff member on in the bar. I still got to have a look around, but noone to give me the tour. I took some photos, which I shall up on facebook later on.

tbh the room was a little pokey. They had the place set up as a dining room for their restaurant during the week, so I understand that the tables will all be gone for the party... but the pillars and a wall just seemed to crowd the room regardless. We'll see.

Tomorrow I get to check out The Marquee at The Jubilee.

Today I finally received a response from The Fox. They have 2 rooms on offer...Collapse )

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OK, so my attempt to lock down a venue on the weekend didn't really go anywhere.

Instead I bribed Tracey into giving me a hand with a short list last night, and sent out some e-mail enquiries to the 8 most likely places.

Today I received the following responses: The Jubilee, Hotel Orient, Story Bridge Hotel...Collapse )

If anyone's had experiences with these venues, now is the time to speak :)

To be perfectly honest, I'm surprised and relieved these venues are still available, considering the first place I asked (the Shafston) was already booked. This might just work!

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Green Day tickets go on Internet Pre-sale on Thursday.

Anyone want in? 4 ticket limit. $102 :/

If I'm not getting floor tickets, I'm gonna hold off for the general release next week. Anyone know how they do the seat allocations for these pre-sales?

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OK, so after some consideration, it appears Saturday is the best option for gaming. The ManHouse Weekend is now shaping up as follows:

Wrestlemania XXV
Arrive from midday

We watch, hoping this will be grandest wrestling event of the year. C'mon WWE, don't fail us now.
Check out this previous entry if you would like to see the matches we will be watching.

Under the New ManHouse Wrestling Gathering Accord, the host has purchased the sugar-based snacks. Enjoy!

Everyone is welcome to join us if you're interested in watching some wrestling. This should be the best show of the year, and it's a little longer than normal, so we like to make a bit more of a party of it.

Death Tank Games Night
Saturday April 11, 6PM

I know a few people can't make it Saturday night, but everyone else said they prefer it. Those people that can't make it will be here for the wrestling anyway, so we can hang around after and play a few games.

We WILL be playing Death Tank, and possibly quite a lot of it. Paul and I didn't spend that money for nothing! Plus the new version of Death Tank feels a hell of a lot like the old one, but a hell of a lot prettier. There will also no doubt be some Rock Band played, and maybe some CoD:WaW or Halo3 if people are keen for it. Or possibly Saints Row 2 multiplayer :D

Brings some snacks and a drink, we'll order pizza around 8ish, call ahead if you'll be late and want food anyway.

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Now that Wrestlemania is sorted (Friday, 1pm), Andrew has asked if we're still having a Games Night.

Since he's got Sat/Sun off work, we'd be looking at Fri or Sat night.

Who's up for a few hundred rounds of Death Tank games? Would we want to party on after the wrestling, or start fresh on Sat?
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Monday sees the broadcast of this year's Wrestlemania. With interest in the WWE's shambling corpse fading rapidly, this could be the last WWE PPV we bother watching for some time.


Wrestlemania XXV
Easter Weekend

I know that's a pretty broad target, but there will need to be discussion as to when people are available. I'm good all weekend thus far, but I understand Liam was looking to organise an event around the PPV viewing.

This is typically the best WWE show of the year, and also the longest at 4 hours. We like to make a party of it, so please feel free to come along if you want to check it out.

I originally started typing out the list of matches for the show in order to get a quick round of Tipping in for the event, but at some point I realised it's all meaningless. Wrestling fans, see if you can figure out what that point was!

The Card So Far...Collapse )

Have at it people, let's get this thing organised!

In related news: PWA Queensland event scheduled for April 18th at the Valley PCYC. Tickets $10. I might be convinced to do the group booking this time around if enough people are keen to go.

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I'm drunk and I regret a lot of my past.


Now I sleep.
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I just got to play a game of the new Death Tank with one of the Devs.

I wasn't even going to play, being so late and all, but I figured I'd jump in and see if I could find a game since it was taking forever before.

Got to have a chat with him between rounds. He gave us some tips on the weapons, and told us how to unlock the classic Death Tank game mode (although I'd already read about that online, it's good to have it confirmed).

Tried not to gush too much, but given how awesome the original was and how much I've been looking forward to this remake it was hard not to sound a little fanboyish.

It was a good game too. Even if he did originally think I was from England...

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On a week of holiday from work atm. I worked through xmas, with the promise of rewarding myself with a week off as soon as was practical. And now we are here.

As part of the week off, my mother had organised us both appointments with her optometrist (an old family friend). I had started to notice that one of the whiteboards at the back of the office was getting harder to read, and in recent months I've been getting some pretty nasty headaches at work (which I initially thought were caffeine-related but managed to rule that out).

As a result, from next Thursday I will be wearing corrective lenses. Mum was right, the assistant there was really helpful at picking frames, and I'm getting transitions lenses since these will be glasses for distance, not reading.

I'd known since high school that this day would come, but I'm still a little bummed about it. Although I can still see ok, this will sharpen things up a bit and reduce eye strain. And the lack of headaches will be welcome.

The rest of the week has been spent so very productively. Finally hit 74 last night! DDRX arrived today at Replay. Wrestling has been watched, and a How I Met Your Mother marathon kept me up til 6am yesterday. So. Very. Productive.

This weekend shall be a visit to Game On before it closes. If you haven't been, this is your last chance to see it before it leaves Brisbane. Anyone who's had an interest in video games at some stage in their lives should check it out.

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OK, so it looks like Frenzal Rhomb/Nancy Vandal is a winner.

Who wants tickets? Since I'm on late finished, Janine has kindly offered to go in tomorrow (pay day) and pick up what we need.

If you would like to join us for the gig (Friday 13 March @ The Arena, $28.50) then comment here tonight or SMS me tomorrow.

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Friday 13 March
Frenzal Rhomb
Nancy Vandal
8pm, The Arena, Fortitude Valley, QLD, $28.50


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Happy Hottest 100 Day everyone!

Now come eat meat at my place!

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The ManHouse Hottest 100 BBQ!
From 12PM, Monday 26 January

You bring meat and drinks. We'll provide heat and cold (where appropriate).

We'll also provide some bread, sauces, the usual accompaniments.

And a radio, upon which we can listen to the Hottest 100 and lament the quality of music that the kids are listening to today.

Also enjoy each other's company. I guess that could happen. It will be good to see people.

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This just in: Sodastream is awesome.

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Tickets are still available for tomorrow night's Game On Night. Looks like there will be a modest group of us attending, so grab a ticket if you care to join us.

Game On Night on the 12th of December is all about ‘sampling games’: from journalism to music, videogames have had a profound influence on many aspects of our culture.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see internet sensation, Yahtzee, live! Ben ‘Yahtzee’ Crowshaw joins forces with Australian Gamer’s infamous duo Guy ‘Yug’ Blomberg and Matt Burgess to discuss the highs and lows of games reviewing. Talk starts at 6.30pm.

Followed by performances by BMX and DJ Sampology

Sounds like fun to me.

Sadly I agreed to swap for the 10-6pm shift tomorrow so I'll be running ever-so-slightly late but will see everyone when I get there.

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